Whilst the outlook for fine wine may be encouraging, recent regulatory changes make it all but impossible for UK professional advisers to promote unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS) (which the Fund is, albeit a listed Guernsey regulated investment fund). With no prospect of attracting new investors, despite the best endeavours of all parties concerned and even with the Fund’s service providers having worked, and continuing to work, at significantly reduced fee levels, the Fund’s costs inevitably and disproportionately impact negatively the Fund’s NAV.

Accordingly, and in the best interests of the Fund’s shareholders, the Fund is being wound-down in an orderly manner, with the proceeds from the sale of the Fund’s assets being returned to shareholders by means of a compulsory redemption of their shares. All dealings in the Fund have, consequently, been suspended and shareholders and the requisite regulatory and listing entities have been informed.

Most importantly, shareholders have been and are being kept fully informed throughout this process. Shareholders are welcome to contact the Fund’s service providers, listed below for convenience, for more information:

Administrative enquiries: please contact alan.mahy@jtcgroup.com
Wine related enquiries: please contact chris.smith@finewinepcc.com